arduino mini power issue

i am having a hello world problem.

i have an arduino mini 04 and a mini usb adapter wired exactly as the example on the arduino site.

when i plug the usb into my macbook pro, the computer says it's drawing too much power and shuts down the usb port.

i tried using a usb hub with an external power source but still it was not recognized by the computer (possibly the wrong kind of hub?)

yesterday the computer wasn't shutting off the port, but when i tried to upload a program i got the "programmer is not responding" error.

i tried powering the mini from an external 5v as well, which didn't change anything.

has anyone seen this?

Hi, i think it's an altitude problem, you need to find a higher building and throw the MAC off it. Just kidding, Mac usb sux, they also shutdown with just a memory stick, your powered hub should have sorted that out though, sorry i cant be much help.

macs are like women, fickled and moody

macs are like women, fickled and moody

And ALWAYS right. ;)


Mac usb sux, they also shutdown with just a memory stick


Anyway, it sounds like you have something not connected up right, perhaps the power and ground are shorted.

Assuming your mini usb adaptor is this one

Plug in just the usb adaptor and see what happens, your mac should pick up the ftdi chip, you can find out if it has in system profiler under usb.

If that works, disconnect it from USB and hook up your Arduino to 5v and ground and plug it back in.

The effect should be the same as above, only now with the Arduino powered too.

If at this stage you haven't had any problems you can disconnect the usb and hook up the Tx and Rx lines, then power it back up and see what happens.

Now, looking at the guide, they have the reset pin connected to 5v, this seems pointless as the diagram for the Arduino mini says the reset pin is already pulled high. So the reset pin will want a button with one end going to ground and the other reset.

i hooked it up to my pc and had the same issue, the mini exceeded the usb power supply and the pc shut down the port as well!

the usb adapter is indeed being recognized, and was ok till i connected the mini.

so plugged the mini into a 5v external power supply again, using the same vcc/gnd pins as what was connected to the usb adapter. it shows on the multimeter that there's 5v going in, but ground is pulsing 1.5v and 0.2v. does that mean it's shorted-

also the led connected to pin 13 never goes on-

and the IDE throws this error:

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x30 avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51