arduino mini prints out "AVR ISP"

This is a really weird problem:

I am using an Arduino mini stamp 02 connected to my computer through Xbee. It has worked fine in this configuration for 6 months now.

Now when I bring digital pin 7 high, the arduino prints out a constant stream of "AVR ISP AVR ISP AVR ISP...etc." regardless whether I have print statements in the code or not.

I haven't messed around with the bootloader.

I checked the ATMEGA168 datasheet and have looked at the AVRISP documentation, but can not find anything that would lead me to a solution.

Has anyone seen anything like this before??

Should I attempt to reinstall the bootloader??

The String ‘AVR ISP’ with comes from the bootloader.
Anyway check the ATmega8 datasheet for the mini.
I am a little confused, the arduino home page states atmega168, while the schematic states atmega8 as the device. Please read on the chip of your board.
Your digital pin PD7 is used in the parallell programming mode of the device for the atmega8.
Someway, that I don’t understand have you entered the programming mode of the device.
The atmega168 has defined an alternative use for PD7 as external interrupt source, how are the vectors defined?


reinstall the bootloader.

The string comes from the stk500 emulation of the bootloader.

Somehow, the program jumps to the bootloader (I guess that is the case because the board resets) and then the bootloader sees a condition that tells him to send the identification string ( he receives '1' via xbee)

And I guess you are talking about this mini:

so then you have an atmega168 and need this bootloader:

you can see the string that the bootloader sends here:

this means that the bootloader receives a '1' via xbee and this makes him send the AVR ISP string...

So: 1. there might be a bug in your program that makes the board reset and 2. your xbee connection sends the character '1' while the board is in the bootloader