Arduino mini Pro & ADC

Hello all!

I am pretty new here so please be patience with me :smiley:

I want to make a high accuracy ohm-meter using a Arduino mini pro and a 16 bit ADC, maybe even 24 bit.

I want to have a two channel ohm-meter, so i'll need a two channel adc.

Cand you please recommend me a ADC with this specifications?

Thank you!

..old code - needs updating


Have a look at this blog entry.

O.K. it's a single channel ADC but there is a 2-channel version of that chip, the LTC2442.


You can get multimeters-on-a-chip, such as the FS9922_DM4, which support serial comms.
However I don't know how easy they are to use headless (without the LCD display).