Arduino Mini Pro - Status (Red) LED blinking

OKay, i wanted to test my OLED. I uploaded the sketch and after the upload was done, the red LED started to blink continuously and really fast. I dont know if the sketch is wrong or the bootloader is dead.

Any help? :3

Perhaps there is an error in your sketch.

Try loading the blink sketch instead, with nothing else attached and see if that works.

And no, you can't have over written the bootloader from the serial port. (Assuming you didn't use ICSP connections and and ICSP programmer)

Ok, uploaded the blink sketch. and the status led is blinking, which is the point of the sketch. thanks :slight_smile:



We know the board still works! (Always good).

So double check your wiring, soldering on the pins (assuming that you soldered them in the first place) etc.