Arduino Mini programming


The Arduino Mini pcb, is it possible to program from the uno 6 ICSP pins at the back of the cpu, or the ICSP behind the usb port or do I need a dedicated programmer.
Thank you for any advice.

You can use 5 of the ICSP pins of the Arduino plus Pin 10 plus the ArduinoISP sketch to program the Arduino Mini.

ICSP pin 1 or UNO Pin 12 (MISO) -> Mini Pin 12 (MISO)
ICSP pin 2 or UNO +5V -> Mini +5V
ICSP pin 3 or UNO Pin 13 (SCK) -> Mini Pin 13 (SCK)
ICSP pin 4 or UNO Pin 11 (MOSI) -> Mini Pin 11 (MOSI)
UNO Pin 10 -> Mini Reset
ICSP pin 6 or UNO Ground -> Mini Ground

Thank you very much for your response. I appreciate your help.