Arduino mini upload and reset


Does anyone know how to reset the Arduino mini? having trouble uploading to it. Any help much appreciated


connect the pin named RESET to GND with a pushbutton and press it briefly to reset the module


:slight_smile: I got it to work but by also doing a double click of the button before uploading it. Have enclosed photos.

Hi Boppyer,

you’re setup might tend to reset itself unintendedly. you should connect a 10kOhm resistor between +5V and the reset pin as well. this resistor is acting as a pull-up resistor, which means that it ensures that you have a HIGH level on the pin (reset) while you’re NOT pressing the button.

at least i experienced unstability while switching on and off a couple of leds. the board would suddenly reset and i thought this was a problem of my code which it wasn’t.

//best, kuk