Arduino Mini Vs. Pre-Loaded ATmega168

I bought an arduino mini a few months ago and have been very happy playing with it, but recently I’ve found some places online selling atmega chips pre-burned with the arduino bootloader for under $10. I’m now wondering what the benefits of the arduino mini are over a pre-loaded chip (other than an extra AD port)?

If I decide to use the pre-loaded chips, do I need anything extra to load my programs? Is my USB mini serial converter sufficient? I know I need a 16mhz crystal and a power source. Anything else?


the chrystal (plus condensators) is all you need to get the preburned atmega running. to upload a programm you can use your mini’s usb/serial adapter. there should be no difference except for the 2 extra analog ins that the mini offers (as you mentioned).


see for the schematics. the parts on the left side is for the serial connection, which you won’t need having the mini usb adapter.

That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks!!