Arduino mini with RN52 and FN-RM01


iam working on a project where i need meet bellow requirements:

  1. play the incoming audio from mic to locally connected speaker.
  2. Play the same audio in Bluetooth headset/Speaker
  3. Record the audio in MP3 format and transfer to mobile later

my plan is as bellow:

  1. Read mic input play in local speaker store in SD card using Fn-rm01
  2. output of FN-RM01 speaker connected as input to RN52 to play in Bluetooth headset/speaker
  3. Stored data read by arduino and need to transfer through RN52 as a whole file

Kindly suggest if you have better way. I have cost & size restriction to opt this flow.

#1 and #2 don't require any storage medium (SD) or microcontroller at all.

#1 only requires an amplifier such as LM386.

#2 only requires the addition of a Bluetooth module.