Arduino + MinimOSD

Hi everyone

i am new to the arduino so forgive me. what i need to ask is, i need to connect the arduino (uno or nano ) to the MinimOSD to display the value of some sensors(gas sensor) over an FPV camera so i did some research about this topic and i found that MinimOSD and have a TX,RX pins which are a uart commincation protocol so is it possiple to connect them with the same pins in the arduino board to recive the data(see the figure at the attachment), also for the programing is read about library that could Max7456 is it enough for the coding. Also i read that MinimOSD use Mavlink protocol but i did not understand what that means. Pleas help me because it is a project for my thesis.

sry the attachment was not uploaded, also i found a post for the OSD and Arduino but i coud not find how the IC was done

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