Arduino Miscalling Values from Array

So I have a circular LED matrix with 92 LEDs total. I divided the circle into rows and put the index of each LED from each row in order from left to right inside an integer array. It looks something like this:

int row4[] = {6,36,58,73,72,83,70,52,26};

Now, when I set the color of all the LEDs at these indexes, everything seems to work fine, except for the indexes 70 and 52. They do not light up, and instead, two other LEDs light up.

So I made a for loop to print out the indexes from my array to see what the deal was, and to my surprise, the serial monitor prints this:

6 36 58 73 72 40 0 26

I am not just seeing things, my array definitely does not have the values 40 and 0 in it, yet those are being printed out. What the heck?

My only theory is that my board is out of space or something. If so, how can I clear up space other than shorting some code?

I'm sure the problem is in the code you didn't post.

My guess is that you wrote off the end of some other array and clobbered your data.