Arduino MKR 1000 - Detected by windows only after pressing RST twice.

Dear all,

I recently bought an Arduino MKR1000 - The board can be detected by windows only when the RST button is pressed twice, otherwise, windows can’t autodetect it, and after pressing RST twice the L led is always green.

How can I fix this to be windows auto-detectable? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers and IDE.

Which windows ? Windows 8 upward may have driver enforcement issues that are easily fixed.

The double tap reset is a common fix for errant boards.

However if you do the firmware upgrade then there is a very good chance you wont need to do that so often or even at all. The upgrade also fixes almost all WiFi connection issues to so is well worth doing..

Hi @mfarag

If you double tap the reset button and load a simple blink sketch does the issue still occur?