Arduino MKR 1400 Battery Connector and Current

Hi, I have a few questions about the supplemental LiPo power for the MKR 1400. What kind of connector does the MKR 1400 use to connect to a LiPo battery? I have a 3.7V 3400mAh LiPo battery; is 3400mAh an overkill/will it fry the board? Should I first provide power via the USB/Vin and then connect the battery or the order does not matter? Thank

Current capacity is a concern if it is to low. If it is greater then needed the project will typically run longer. Example your instrument light in a car they only require a small amount of current but are supplied with a battery that can provide hundreds of times more current. I do not think the order you plug in matters, however polarity does.

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Do you know what LiPo connector the GSM MKR 1400 board use?

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