Arduino MKR 1400 registration in azure IOT Hub

Hello Everyone,

When Im registering my Arduino MKR 1400 in Azure IOT HUB Successfully it is completing the process but when im trying to send data from cloud to device or device to cloud it is not working After 1 day im able to push Messages. I have checked with 3 to 5 Arduino MKR 1400 issue is same in all,

Im using Airtel sim for internet connectivity.

Can anyone suggest the solution for this.

Thank you .

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Any answer to this? I have the same problem with MKR WIFI 1010

I have been working on this project with my Arduino MKR 1010 WiFi

Following the guidelines below

I updated all the header to use the right wifi library.

Below line added where appropriate
#include <WiFiNINA.h>

But nevertheless, so far I cannot connect to IoT Hub. I cannot get it connected to it gave me error #5 which is I assume #define MQTT_NOT_AUTHORIZED 5.

I don't know what I am doing wrong?.. Is it due to the hardware? Any idea? Or SSL Client

Any help would be appreciated.

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