Arduino MKR 1400's communication with various peripherals

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Hope this message finds you in good health. I am writing this because I want to start working on a project where I need important opinions and suggestions from you. Attached to this is the schematic of the project.

So, I have a wind generator that generates AC which is then feed to the charge controller (48V). The DC output of the charge controller is then given to the battery pack through battery management system (BMS). Then the output from the battery is given to the battery inverter. That battery inverter needs to be connected to a line coming from the main grid. A grid sensor is installed on the line that would measure the load of the house hold. If the load of the house hold can be fulfilled by the battery and the wind generator, then it takes power from the battery system and stops receiving power from the grid. The battery system could deliver a power up to 500 Watts. So, if the power requirement is 500 Watts, the battery system provides it. In case the power goes higher i.e. 1000 Watts, then 500 Watts comes from battery system and 500 Watts from the grid. If the battery is empty and wind generator is generating nothing then the power requirement would be fulfilled by the grid.

The main concern here is to connect the Arduino MKR 1400 to control the system by communicating with Grid Sensor, BMS, Battery Inverter, and also sending the data to the cloud. BMS is already communicating with the Arduino via UART. But now the Grid Sensor and Battery Inverter needs to be connected to the Arduino for communication. The Grid Sensor can communicate via RS485 and I think battery Inverter also needs RS485 for communication. So, is it possible to connect all these devices to the Arduino for communication? If yes, how? Additionally, some required data should be then transmitted to the server as well. So, is it good idea to proceed with this project using Arduino or should I consider something else? Will the Arduino be able to handle all this? Furthermore, the requirement is, the Arduino should work for at least 5 years while handling this system.

May I also know the shortcomings of this project or I am not considering something or considering it wrong? Your expert opinion would highly be appreciated. Thank you very much!

Best, Bilal

Project_schematic.pdf (94.7 KB)

If I may make a suggestion - give your question a meaningful title.
Also you need to attach an image - not a pdf.
Instructions here

Have you already mastered easier and less dangerous projects?

Have you already mastered easier and less dangerous projects?

Good question. Well, I haven't mastered as I am still at a beginner level in Arduino but I just wanted to go on with this projects as my boss wants me to do it. Therefore, I wanted to take the experts opinion and wants to know that if it is feasible to proceed.

So your boss or company has expertise in power electronics? Let those experts design the power part until the interface to an Arduino can be specified. We help with Arduino problems, for commercial projects visit the Gigs and Collaborations forum section.

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