Arduino MKR eth shield

How is the MKR eth shield connected and used with

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Arduino Mega 2560
    Thank you

While it is possible to use the MKR ETH shield with the Uno or Mega, this is not its intended usage. The shield is intended to be used with one of the Arduino MKR boards. With those boards, you are able to just plug the shield right into the top of the MKR board and all the connections will be made correctly. If you wanted to use the shield with the Uno or Mega, you will need to use jumper wires to connect the power and SPI pins:

Uno | MKR ETH Shield

5V | 5V
11 or ICSP-4 | 8
12 or ICSP-1 | 10
13 or ICSP-3 | 9
10 | 5
4 | 4

The connections will be identical for the Mega if you use the ICSP pins. If you don't use the ICSP pins, then you will need to connect to pins 51, 50, 52 instead of 11, 12, 13.

VERY IMPORTANT! Note that the Uno and Mega have 5 V IO levels, while the MKR boards have 3.3 V levels. In the case of the W5500 Ethernet controller chip on the board, this is not a problem because it is 5 V IO tolerant. However, the SD card is NOT. If you want to use the SD slot on the MKR ETH Shield, you must use level shifters on the data pins. You can get level shifter modules from any of your favorite sources for electronics parts.

I think you'll be better off to buy a shield that is specifically designed for use with the Uno and Mega.