Arduino MKR IoT Carrier - No Battery Power

Hello Arduino Forum,

I have bought a battery for the "IoT Carrier" (from the Explore IoT Kit) for mobile use. Unfortunately the MKR does not start up with the carrier and does not receive power, it just stays off. :frowning:

What am I doing wrong? Unfortunately I can hardly find any information about the IoT Carrier online. I attached a picture from the Carrier and the battery.

Thanks in advance!

I have a similar problem. I input the code for the first activity (no battery connected) and it seemed to run i.e. it output temp and humidity data to the serial monitor, but nothing else on the carrier board seemed to work —- display dimly illuminated but not color or data display and touch buttons not working. I thought this might be because I hadn’t fitted a battery at this stage. So I bought a battery and fitted it but there is no change in the way it works.
Like you, I can’t find any online info about the carrier board itself an have no idea how to test it to see if it is working. Also no info about the small battery power cable in the this required to connect the 1010 board to the carrier to charge the battery or what? Disappointed with documentation for this kit and lack of support info.


To power the Carrier with a battery, you need to connect the battery cable included in the kit. This way, when you connect the MKR WiFi 1010 via USB, it will work as a battery charger.



Correct, to use the battery-powered carrier you have to connect the power cable that you find in the kit!

Actually the power pins of the 1010 are not connected to the carrier I believe for simplicity in using it as a LiPo charger (the one you use is fine)