Arduino MKR motor carrier and mkr1000 can i use stepper

i have a mkr1000wifi and a Arduino MKR motor carrier link for motor carrier here

can i use 1 stepper motor on this board i think now i have it i have the wrong board

Datasheet for your stepper motor please....

its to run this motor when a button is pressed it will open a gate and pressed again it will close. but im doing using the cloud dev so i can use the iphone app to open and close the gate

You posted a link to a family of stepper motors. So which one do you have.
Most (if not all) of those can't shouldn't be controlled which the brushed DC motor drivers DRV8871 and MC33926 on that shield.
If you try, you could end up with overheating or burned motors and drivers.
You need current controlled stepper drivers for low-impedance steppers.
Why not use a brushed DC motor with end switches instead of a stepper.

because i have a load of strong stepper motors and the one i am working with has the leadscrew all connected

Nema 23 (57mm) is the motor

Nema 23 is the size of the mounting plate (2.3 inch).
The page you linked to has 16 electrically different motors, from 0.7ohm/2.8A to 8.6ohm/1A.

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