ARDUINO MKR NB 1500 Question


I want to learn how to smd solder and I also really want the new ARDUINO MKR NB 1500.

So, I just bought all of the parts and got 5 boards from jlcpcb but I am wondering if this board has any firmware or code needed to use it?

If I solder my board and try and upload code, will it work????


No. First of all, you need to flash the bootloader to the ATSAMD21G before you can upload sketches to it over the USB connection. You can get that here:

There is also firmware on the u-blox SARA-R410M-02B module. I believe the module comes loaded with the firmware. There is information on updating the firmware here:

I want to learn how to smd solder

MKR NB 1500.

:o Jumping in at the deep end?

Hope you have the proper gear for that, including stencil, and experienced guidance.