Arduino MKR NB 1500 websockets

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I am trying to implement websockets for MKR1500 and I am having trouble finding a perfect example to implement it. Can someone guide me to an example that works with MKR1500?

I would try ArduinoHttpClient library with MKRNB library

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For MKR1500, I am trying the SimpleWebsocket example from ArduinoHttpClient but it seems to be all based on wifi101.h and i want to try using CAT-M to connect to the network. So if I remove that Wifi101.h, it doesn't allow me to compile the code and I get the following error:

error: 'class NBClient' has no member named 'begin'

I guess NBClient is Client as WiFiClient, not the main class as WiFi.
you didn't try the basic examples of the networking library for your board?

This example helped me:
mdelain/Arduino_MKR_NB_1500: Prototype IoT with Orange using Live Objects, Arduino MKR NB 1500 on LTE-M network (

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