Arduino MKR NB 1500 works inside, not outside?

Hi guys,

I am at a total loss, I have a couple of sensors hooked up to my arduino MKR NB 1500 which I use to monitor vehicle traffic, this is a pilot project and I thought I had failed through the early steps and was really onto something.

When I am inside my house, about 10 minutes after plugging in the battery to power the device, I have all positive indications that the sensor is working how I want it to, I have print messages that tell me which stage of the setup is complete so I know where to debug if it fails.

I just finished a power consumption test (it passed, yay) and I took the sensor outside to debug an issue I was seeing with the magnetometer for accuracy when I was testing inside. Both sensors, which had been performing well and to expectations inside, were all of a sudden not operating at all, the IoT cloud dashboard would display that the sensor had setup, but it will not leave sleep mode and no other manual triggers are working, I have run into this issue more than once when leaving the presence of an enclosed structure and simply walking 15 feet and going outside.

This arduino, the MKB NB 1500 is supposed to be an LTE board, which I would assume means 15 feet away from where I had been running it successfully for days now, does anyone have an idea on why the sensor only operates when inside an enclosed structure?

Thank you so much!

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