Arduino MKR Vidor running user VHDL code

Hello everyone,

I just went through my first test with the Arduino MKR Vidor 4000 running the example projects. Now I wanted to test my own VHDL code it. I started with the bare template project (GitHub - vidor-libraries/VidorFPGA: repository for Vidor FPGA IP blocks and projects) in Quartus. In Quartus, I have connected the clock pin (PIN_E2) and as output the A5 pin (PIN_F3). Using the USB_Blaster sketch I was then able to program the FPGA on the board directly in Quartus. Now I want to start the 48MHz clock to the FPGA and I'm stuck here. How can this be done without using one of the example projects, where the FPGA also gets reconfigured in the process? Or do I have another mistake somewhere in my workflow?

Thanks for your help.