Arduino MKR WIFI 1010 does not connect to computer with MKR ENV Shield

Computer: Linux - Fedora 32. Arduino 1.8.13 IDE

This was previously a working setup. When It stopped providing data, I wanted to connect it to my computer to see the serial output and see what was going on. But /ttyACME is not created when I connect it. If I remove the shield it works.

What I see on the board: The orange light on the other side of the USB port from the green light just blinks non-stop. Or it
stays solid orange.

I've tried removing the ENV board, flashing with blink, and replacing the ENV board in case something about my program was causing issues. This does not resolve things.

I've tried it with the ENV board on top and the ENV board on bottom. Does not resolve things.

I'm guessing somehow the ENV board got damaged, but I'm not sure how or why. Any way to perhaps debug things a bit?

Thank you,

Well, this is both unsatisfying and satisfying at once. It has started working again. What have I done? Using the exact same USB cable and USB port, I merely connected and disconnected it over and over. Removed the shield and reseated it about 5 times. Reflashed my program onto the board a couple times. Oh, and I blew on the ENV board like one would blow on a Nintendo cartridge. Anyone here old enough to remember that? Anyway, it's working so that doesn't help me figure out why it was being annoying yesterday, but it does mean I don't have to buy another ENV board. (At least for now)

Hope it keeps working. If it goes kaput again, I'll come here to see what I might do to debug.

edit: 2 minutes later: Apparently it's gone kaput again. So whatever's going on it intermittent. The most annoying kind of bug.

BTW - this seems to describe what's going on: CHRG leb blinking and serial not working - MKRWIFI1010 - Arduino Forum That makes sense since the ENV board talks on I2C