I've just bought a MKR WiFi 1010 and I'm testing it with the examples, but I have a doubt: are there any libraries that allow me to use it as a Bluetooth Low Energy? Sorry for a stupid question but I would be grateful if anyone can answer me. Thank you

As it doesn't have "native" Bluetooth you would be using it with an external BT adaptor of some description.

Being as there are a few varieties on the market anything here would be a total guess until you add details of the particular BT module.

Most common ones can be controlled via serial type and "AT" commands so there should be a few examples on the net.

As most of the MKR series use the SAMD there should by now also be some libs available.

Bear in mind the MKR's are 3.3 volt so whatever module you have should be 3.3 volt capable which will reduce your choice a little unless you also run a 5 volt supply too.

Some of the NRF BT based devices will work well with the MKR series at 3.3 volt.
I also know there are at least two libs available for them with one being from Adafruit.

thank you for your answer, but I've take a look on datasheets of NINA - W102 (ublox) and the results is:"The NINA-W10 series are stand-alone multiradio ...The radio provides support for Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n in the 2.4 GHz ISM band, Bluetooth BR/EDR, and Bluetooth low energy communications. " For such reason I've posted the question. Nobody one know if the Arduino implementation subtracts some feature from the original module?
Thanks again.

At this time only WiFi is supported, that hardware is capable of Bluetooth however.

Thanks again do you thinks that will be an extension in a near future? I’m very interested to know 'cause I’m starting a new project.