ARDUINO MKR ZERO - SPI for SD Card and Sensor

Hello, I’m using the ARDUINO MKR ZERO. It seems like the SPI interface is reserved for the SD Card. Is that correct?

I want to use SPI to communicate to an external sensor, and I also want to store data in the SD Card. Is this doable?

SPI is a bus. you can connect more devices to it

you can connect both of your devices. they will both share the MISO,MOSI,SCK pins and you will select different pins for the SS(for example pin 10 and 8).

The Zero (samd21) has more than 1 hardware SPI controller (unlike the Uno) so it uses 1 SPI controller for the SD reader and a different one for the interface at the headers. See the schematic to confirm this. The answer is yes you may connect the sensor to the SPI pins on the header without affecting the SD reader.

Got it. Thanks.