Arduino MKR1000 and MacOS


I'm a total beginner to Arduino. But I followed the instructions for MacOS. Unfortunately, I can't select a serial port, only a "bluetooth" port, which is probably not correct. At least the upload doesn't work with it. For MacOS there's basically no instruction for driver installation, but obviously it doesn't work straight. I'm using MacOS sierra, the Arduino is connected directly to my macbook pro. Any hints?

Thanks Christof

So, finally I solved it. In case anybody else might have the same issue, you might want to try the following:

The MKR1000 has a small button (white) in the center. You have to push it twice, then it appears in OS X

This seems to be necessary only the very first time of operation. I found that in another forum. Basically the Arduino documentation has several gaps (other than different SoC small computers). In case you might also issues with Wifi operation, the wifi lib included in the software is not compatible with the MKR1000, install the library WIFI101.

Cheers, Christof

Thank you so much for your hint! I'm not a newbi to arduino, but it took me several hours to found this solution! I considered to have a broken Arduino!! :o Can't believe you can't find anything on that on the Mkr1000 page of the Arduino webside:-(