Arduino MKR1000, hello where are you??

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Arduino and got this great idea to build some temperature monitors to measure critical parts of my house during the winter. The Idea was to set up Arduino to measure the temperature and humidity and report in 1 hour intervals to my web server with PHP/MySQL.

I bought two MKR1000 wifi -boards, digital sensors and bunch of other stuff worth £200 and set to work. I was expecting some learning curve with the programming but was positive I could finish before the New Year. I’ve looked through some of the sample sketches and the programming language makes perfect sense to me.

Unfortunately, I’ve gotten nowhere. 2 Macs, 1 Android phone later I still can’t find a way to communicate with the boards. I’ve re-installed, re-booted, double tapped and done every trick in the book. The boards are not recognised by the Arduino IDE or Mac port scan. No support for MKR1000 from Android phones either. I’ve read through the forums and realized there is a bunch of people in the same situation. Arduino boards and latest generation Macs don’t seem to get along. There are random people who are reporting success after installing some exotic drivers from sites in Taiwan & China but I am not doing that. I’m using my laptops for work and installing some weird system extensions is obviously a big no-no.

Any ideas how to proceed from here? Should i just ditch the junk and buy commercial ready made products to get the measurements done? I read through HobbyTronic’s return policy and they don’t take the stuff back unless it is broken. I don’t think mine is, it is clearly a problem with insufficient Mac support.

Is anyone using Arduino boards with MacbookPro, Thunderbolt ports and MacOS Mojave? Maybe the problem is the lack of physical USB ports as I need to use an adapter to connect the board? No idea…

I am really disappointed. Arduino website said the boards will work right out of the box without any drivers etc. (SAMD drivers installed) That is clearly not the case.

Any and all smart ideas from the forum members will be gladly accepted :smiley: