Arduino MKR1000 included in Engineering Kit - No ports appearing

Hello there!

I recently purchaced the Arduino Engineering kit.During my first use in both Matlab and Arduino, the board performed and i was able to both upload sketches and the libraries from the Matlab tutorial. I tried interfacing the MKR1000 board for a second time the next day, with either the arduino IDE or Matlab on both Windows and linux, but no ports are available on either. The Ports option in the tools is greyed out and i cannot find the /dev/ttyACM0 port i used last time ( on Linux) or the COM3 port on Windows. I was looking for any ideas on what i could do to get the board working!

Thank you for your time

Try double tapping the "RST" button on the MKR1000 board. After doing that, the port should appear and you should be able to upload. After that first upload, you should be able to go back to uploading as usual without needing to activate the bootloader via the reset button.