Arduino MKR1000 with Node red

Hi guys
Im Michal and Im from Slovakia so sorry if I make some mistakes.
I would like to ask you for help. Im working on school project, something like "project of your own choice" and with my teacher we got an idea about robot car controlled by node red. So I have an arduino mkr1000, which have a wifi chip, two dc motors and one lm25 temperature sensor. This all together working fine. Then I made some tuts with Node red and MQTT protocol. In the end I found some tutorials of arduino communication with node red a thats where I was stuck. I am using mosca mqtt broker on localhost and I could not connect to them(probably configuration mistake...)
So my questions are:
Is this whole thing possible? Real time communicatio, using localhost node red mosca broker, and depends on iputs car will move or send sensors data.
If yes could you please provide me some tutorial or some example? I think that I have only configuration problem with broker cause if Im testing some online brokers like test mosquitto its working fine, but with localhost it is not.
Thank you for all the answers :slight_smile:

Is this whole thing possible?


Real time communicatio, using localhost node red mosca broker, and depends on iputs car will move

You MUST stop using the word "localhost" like it has some meaning. The name "localhost" is how you refer to the server when the client is running on the same machine as the server. That is NOT the case in your situation.

If you publish something, and expect the broker to make that information available to all (may only be one; may not be any; may be several) subscribers and you expect the subscriber(s) to make use of the published data "in real time", you either have a very strange definition of real-time or you are a dreamer.

You could, somewhat realistically, publish a message, such as "Hey, everyone, tell me what the temperature is, as soon as you can", and get temperatures back from the subscribers, before too much time has passed.

But, publishing "Turn left RIGHT NOW", and expecting the subscriber to start turning microseconds later is unrealistic.