Arduino MKR1010 USB Failure


I was using an Arduino MKR1010 previously for a project that utilized the com port for serial monitor. And it happens so that my computer needed a reset and basically I had to reinstall the Arduino IDE and all the prerequisites that the MKR1010 needs.

Once I did that the board failed to show up on any COM ports and this is the case when I open up my manager:

Error: Unknows USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)
Trying the double-tap the reset button to enter the bootloader also shows the same issue.

I do admit I am fairly new to this, am I missing something?

I have tried re-installing the FTDI drivers, re-installing using the boards manager in Arduino IDE. Anything else that I can do?

Hey guys quick update, running to the store and getting a new USB cable fixed the issue.

For some reason this cable has gone bad even though I have this same cable for previous projects.
For anyone with the same issue, try using another cable or two.

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