Arduino model selection


I not sure which model to select something like pro min 5V. Can someone help me to select proper Arduino which can accommodate below mentioned devices? I know MEGA is possible, but thats a huge one. I am looking for something in small size.

  • PIR x 1
  • DHT11 x 1
  • RELAY x 3
  • Push button x 3
  • RHM69HW
  • 7 Segment 4 digit tube with SN74HC595

What is an RHM69HW as google search only links back to this post?

1 pin PIR 1 pin Photocell 1 pin DHT11 3 pins Relays 3 pins Buttons 3 pins SN74HC595

Pro-Mini could cope with this assuming the RHM69HW uses less than 9 pins.

Sorry, typo error

it is RFM69HW 868Mhz

remyalmeida: Sorry, typo error

it is RFM69HW 868Mhz

Ah, that's another 5 pins so the pro-mini should be okay but wait for a second opinion just in case I have missed something.

Pro Mini unless you need USB interface.

If you do, a Nano.

Thanks, I'll go for Pro mini.