Arduino + Modem Communication gig

I am looking to hire someone to give me code and hardware configuration for connecting a Multitech H5 modem with an arduino.

If you are interested, I can give full details, but basically I have working code using the Arduino GSM, but as I look at moving towards production on a product, I need a PCTRB certified modem and am having trouble making the new modem work. Arduino library will likely not work but my project is Mega based, so there is an extra serial connection to use or you can use software serial. PM me or reply here if you are interested.

some more details can be seen here:

Hey MakoMaker,

Have you had any luck getting your Multitech modem to work? I’m having similar issues (no response back on the serial line). If I talk to the modem directly using my FTDI friend and a serial console, it works fine.

Any help would be awesome.


So if you try using the serial patch through application where you receive on Serial and send on Serial1 etc. With the Modem connected to the Serial1.

Then connect your terminal application that you use with your FTDI interface and connect it to the Arduino serial port rather than use the IDE serial monitor what do you get.

Also what baud rate are you connecting to using the FTDI interface? You will need to set the Serial and Serail1 baud rates to the same as you use with this FTDI interface.

Cheers Pete.