Arduino module with 2 DACs and 2 ADCs for real-time processing

Hello, which is the best solution for real-time signal processing? I need an Arduino solution that incorporates 2 DACs and 2 ADCs for real-time signal processing...

One that fits your (very superficial) requirements.

Or, to answer that question broadly, a DSP or a FPGA.

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I really need to be fast here...I was thinking about Arduino DUE but it clocks on there anything faster?

The ESP32s run faster and are dual-core, have DMA and a rich set of built-in peripherals.
However, ADC and DAC would have to be external modules.

You could also look at the Teensy series of boards.

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Define "signal processing".

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I am doing some experiments with sound signals so when a play a sound from the microphone I would do some processing via the Arduino and I will get the sound signal with some sound effects instantly... And I will take two input signals, from 2 different microphones...


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Does Arduino Portenta H7 solve my problem? I am worrying because it uses micropython and not C/C++...

We don't know, because you won't tell us what your problem is

I have a Teensy 3.6 with Teensy audio shield, that does audio sampling at up to 380ksps, real-time FFT as well as heterodyning and time-expansion of ultrasonic signals.

(Google "Teensy bat detector")

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These are not real "Arduino" boards but some STM32 Discovery kits have built-in dual MEMs microphones (for stereo input) and DACs (and a bunch of other goodies such as LCD screens, NOR flash, SDRAMs, debugger, etc).

High-end ($50)

Ultra high-end ($90)

These boards are definitely NOT for beginners though...

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Can I get 2 DACs from teensy?? I see only one DAC...

I don't know the specifics of the teensy hardware,
but I bet there are plenty differently attached external DACs available.

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Ok, I am studying it... Which is the fastest protocol in order to connect the DACs on the Teensy?

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