Arduino + Mosfet + PSU = Standalone heated 3D print bed

Hello all,

My goal is to create a standalone heated 3D print bed using the following compenents,

Arduino Uno


Anet heated bed -


The goal of this plate is to maintain a temperature of 50C.

Is this project feasible with these components and a PID algorithm?

If so, is there a simpler way to control the temperature through code without using and tuning a PID system?

Thanks for reading.

It appears it will work however I could not find the current required, voltages, MOSFET rating (it did not come up from your link).

Make life a little bit easier, consider this:
DS18B20 is 1-Wire interface Temperature sensor manufactured by Dallas Semiconductor Corp. … It can measure temperatures from -55°C to +125°C with ±0.5°C Accuracy. The resolution of the temperature sensor is user-configurable to 9, 10, 11, or 12 bits.

You can get a IRF520 MOSFET Driver Module for Arduino for about $0.75 on ebay.
You can get code to operate all of this on this web site, making it a lot easier for you.
Have Fun, Good Luck! Gil

Thank you for the reply, that helps a lot! I'm digging into it now. I really appreciate the suggestion, I hit that sweet karma button for you.