Arduino Motion Detector to Max MSP


I am very new to Arduino so please forgive what may be a very basic question.

I have an Arduino Uno and a PIR motion sensor. From tutorials on the internet I've got the motion detector working but i want to know how to read this data with Max MSP. Basically when motion is detected I want to play a song and as motion is no longer detected I want the song to stop. I've had a look at Maxuino and Arduino2Max but can't get my head around them.

I've been looking on the internet for hours but can't find a simple explanation of how to do this, would really appreciate any advice.


What kind of pir sensor do you have?

Something like this?:

the second one mate

You have tree pin on the sensor: +, gnd and out. Connect 5V and grd. Out to an digital INPUT on ARDUINO. When Input is HIgh the PIR is aktive and LOW when it´s inaktive.

yeah i understand that much, like i said i got the motion detector working. i'm struggling more with how to convert that data in to max msp to trigger the action of something else.

Have you looked here:

@jlop I'm having the same problem. Were you able to solve it?