Arduino + Motor Controller (HELP!!!!)

Okay, I am trying to interface my Arduino Duemilanove with a speed controller for a 12V DC Motor. My question is, can i interface this using PWM just as a servo or do i use a different method?

May we ask what sort of motor controller?

(R/C servos don't use PWM - did you mean PPM?)

well its possible to control motors using any h bridge ic to control the speed you should be more specific

i have been considering getting an h-bridge. Is that a good idea? Also the speed controller is a hobby R/C speed controller which plugs into a R/C receiver. Is that enough?

Is that enough?

Sure, just plug it into your RC receiver.

Okay! Sorry about the down time, i was away from my work station on vacation, and now im back. Anyways, The controller im using is a GEARS IDS III Speed Controller.

This is a PDF With plenty of info on it.

I need help with knowing how to hook it up.

Oh, and im using a Pittman Motor Specs: Pic:

:::EDIT::: Nevermind, i got it!