arduino motor setup

hello arduino community,

i need some help for choosing a motor setup.
i already have a arduino board. what else do i need for operating a dc motor and a servo? only the arduino motor shield?
what is an common used dc motor and servo for arduino?

thx for your suggestions!

regards ophir

You need a separate power supply for the motor and/or servo.

Servo's only need power, the Servo library can generate the correct control
signal on any Arduino pin.

Motor shield or similar is needed for a DC motor - choose a motor / motor driver
combination that works together (driver can supply more than enough current
for the motor, can handle the supply voltage).

Probably the most commonly used motors are robot wheel gear-motors, but
you don't say what you want to do...

You can run both dc and servo from this shield: . An you can find a pretty decent servo and dc at adafruit. Which one to choose depends on what you want the motor to drive...