Arduino + Motor Shield (Adafruit) + more...


At first I’d like to say “Hello”.

Hello :slight_smile:

I know arduino since a few days, and have no practical experience with microcontroller stuff. (Just one course about embedded systems at university,…)

Well… I’d love to play around with arduino in several ways: maybe some robot stuff (so working with motors, servos…), and working with different kinds of other hardware. (sensors at first, additional controllers maybe later… ^^) seems the best available store, with almost everything I’d like to have but I can’t get without ordering them online. (Sensors etc. can be bought at a local store…)

Especially the motor and prototyping shield are very interessting. But I have two questions about them:

  1. When using the motor shield, what ports can be used at the same time (Is the i2c bus still usable?) and how can I connect to them (they are all soldered - maybe question 2 is the solution?).

  2. There are Shield stacking headers in the shop, so I thought I could stack the motor shield with the prototype shield. So when not using the motorshield (or even when it is in use) to do other stuff with sensors and so on…
    But how to use them?
    Or would you recommend to buy a second arduino on which the prototyping shield can be mounted. (But how to easily connect to the free pins of the motorshield - if there are any)

Thank you for answering. I hope my questions aren’t to dumb, and that I have expressed my self understandable.

Sincerely yours,