arduino motor shield board from pcb europe

Dear pcb europe team, hi all,

I have this arduino Motor shields board KIT, bought on the PCB europe site ( but the the kit come with any doc and and the link for information on the pcb site is a dead link. (i have build the board, but i don't know how to solder the led as the polarity is not on the board imself)...and i would know if i can joint 2 servo motor on it...???

Any one know information and exemple with this type of board.

Can you give me some documentation (link ?) ??

Thank's for you help.


I believe dave mellis designed that board, he is a moderator, you might want to PM him. Here is the board.

It doesn't say, but usually the flat side of the LED is the - (the short lead on your led)

You may want to check the schematics, or just have a few spare leds on hand... if is pops... remove it, and put the next in the other way.

I didn’t design the board; David Cuartielles did. The image of the board, however, has a flat side in the silk-print of the LEDs; that should be the negative side.

Hei mellis, aballen,

Thans for your answer and your help...! I don't seen the flat part on the board print...i'll try that. I want to ask to David Cuartielles for sketching exemples on this board to...if i find is mail.

Thank's a lot.


Fabien, Looking at my v1.1 Motor shield, I do not see a flat side for the power LED silkscreened onto the board, but looking at the image of the PCB on I do see one side is flat. Looks like the positive side is facing IC3, the negative (flat) side faces away from IC3. I am not sure if that board can be used with 2 servo motors, but here is a link to IC3's data sheet: I have not yet read it myself, but it might be useful. I did look around the Internet and think I have Mr. Cuartielles' contact info and if you still want it, send me a private message and I will give you the link; I don't know the man so I don't want to post his information in this public forum.

This link has more info: So does this:

I don't know if any of this will help you (or anyone else reading this), but its worth a try.

Hello KD8ENP,

thank's for your's really help me....particularly the page with the sketch exemple..!!

I soldering the diode in the right way now...and i'll try with that but for now the power led is not on.. i have make a to Mr. Cuartielles from the adresse i can grab in is profil in the forum but for now there is no answer...maybe i can try with your info...


thank's a lot.