Arduino Motor Shield can't fit on Arduino?

I just got the original Arduino Motor Shield.

Pins are at least 3 times long as normal pins. Why is that?

But that is not even half of the trouble, motor shield's pins do not match those on Arduino Duemilanove or Mega 2560? What is wrong here?

Long pins: perhaps to clear the large Ethernet connector on the Arduino Ethernet.

Pins don’t match: The latest designs have added a couple of pins near the Aref pin. They just duplicate the I2C pins (A4 and A5) so they are not used by the motor controller.

So what should I do with extra pins, should I just cut them off?

It looks like this:

If you don’t have to cut them off for mechanical reasons how about insulating with tape?

That wouldn't fit a uno either.

There must be something we are missing cause that shield doesn't look that useful since it doesn't fit out of the box (which is why you buy a shield).

Destined: That wouldn't fit a uno either.

Just because it has some extra pins for which the UNO doesn't have sockets doesn't mean that it "wouldn't fit". Just ignore the extra pins.

Older Uno's have capacitors in the way - bend the pins a bit and insulate them? Then it can be straightened again in the future for the later generation Unos...