arduino motor shield compabitility question


i'm a newbie ;-)

my question is if i can use this motor (sorry it's an german site but the techfacts should be readable for english speakers) with the arduino + motor shield in an relatively easy "plug and play" way... if not please tell my why and any suggestions for an comparable motor or other solutions

many many thx for answers peter

that link doesn’t work, it looks like it is using a cookie on your machine.

But i think the item is Artikel-Nr.: 240834 - 62

and that looks like it would work with the shield if the motor was lightly loaded. But I think the maximum current of the motor may be higer than the shield can provide, but on 5 volts with reasonable loads it may be ok.


i've fixed the link, it should work know... you were right with the article number for the product...

thx for the hint and your opinion... hmmm... unfortunately i want to be able to use the motor at full load too...

If you only need to control the speed in one direction you could use a radio control Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). There are many inexpensive ones available that will handle the two or 3 amps that motor will draw.

yes, the motor should just rotate in one direction so the ESC thing seems to be a good idea, i now this parts from my RC-car childhood. but i wonder how i should connect the ESC to the arduino afterwards... the thing is the speed should be controlled by some sensor values calculated throught the arduino...

thx for your help so far...

The ESC is connected as if it was a servo. There are many examples of controlling a servo by the Arduino and any of these should work.

You will need to check the instructions for the ESC you use but most need to be armed by first sending a pulse indicating minimum throttle, the ESC will then respond by driving the motor proportional to the servo pulse timing.

thanks mem, i know how to control a servo with the arduino... so i will give the ESC thing a try... should be easy i hope... i have to get a ESC next week and will give you feedback about my (mis)sucess here again... THX!

but wait... i've thought about it again, and wondered how i should give some energy to the arduino and the motor... of course i can use the standard DC adapter for the arduino, but i will need an extra one for the motor i think... is there an elegant way to plug the arduino, the ESC and motor to just one DCsource?

thx peter

You will want to power the ESC from a battery or external DC power source capable of supplying up to 3 amps. Your motor appears to be rated up to 24 volts so you could use something like a 12 volt power supply or perhaps an old laptop power adapter giving 15-18 volts. Or, there are lots of battery choices intended for radio control applicaitons if you want to battery powered.

Many speed controllers have a built in battery eliminator circuit (BEC) which is designed to drop the battery voltage for the motor down to 5 volts. You could get an ESC that has a BEC and drive the arduino off that 5v supply. If you do, make sure that the ESC is rated to handle the voltage of the power source you use. Most BEC's should easily provide the current requirements of the Arduino, as this is much less than a typical servo. But if you are connecting other sensors or an LCD display that will also be powered off the 5v line, check that your BEC can cope with this.

Also note that there are two kinds of ESC, it looks like that motor is brushed rather than brushless so make sure you get a brushed ESC.

ok i will give this a try... thx very much!