Arduino Motor Shield Rev.3 Parallel Outputs for 4A-Current - Driving DC-Motor

Good Morning,

I would like to operate the Arduino Motor Shield Rev 3 with only one DC motor.
I would like to switch both outputs in parallel to get the double current.

I looked at the data sheet of the L298 and the Schematic of the Arduino Motor Shields, but can not understand, how to connect.
I would like to know which pins on the Motor Shield, I have to wire parallel.

I would be grateful for any tip 

Best regards

Not easy to do, you will have to solder jump wires to the board for SensA and SensB as they are not brought out to header pins.

I think if you connect every signal in each H bridge together, it might work... based on the fact you can simply solder a L298N on top of another to double the current.

So connect OUT1 to OUT3
OUT2 to OUT4
In1 to In3
In2 to In4
EnA to EnB
SenseA to SenseB (NB not Sens0 and Sens1!)

make sure EnB, In3 and In4 are set to inputs so they don't conflict with In1 and and In2.

I haven't tried this, so if anything goes wrong it will likely burn up the L298N so don't blame me. If I was you, I would get a 2nd and maybe 3rd opinion :slight_smile: