Hello erveryone,

i want to controll a 24V 1A stepper motor. Can i use the Arduino motor shield rev3?

The description says:

To avoid possible damage to the Arduino board on which the shield is mounted, we reccomend using an external power supply that provides a voltage between 7 and 12V. If your motor require more than 9V we recommend that you separate the power lines of the shield and the Arduino board on which the shield is mounted. This is possible by cutting the "Vin Connect" jumper placed on the back side of the shield. The absolute limit for the Vin at the screw terminals is 18V.

So that means if i cut the VIN jumper off i can go up to 18V. But why 18V???

I studied the schematic of this shield and i could not comprehend why they specify this voltage level. The lowest nominal voltage i had found in the power circuit were the capacitors with 35V.

Could someone explain to me why they specify 18V or can i use 24V without hesitation?

Thanks a lot

Forgot the schematic!

Shield_Motor-REV3c.pdf (44.5 KB)