Arduino Motorsheild r3 stepper motor

Hi. I am trying to make a bipolar stepper motor working with the arduino motor sheild and I have a couple of questions I was hoping someone could help me with.

As I have understand for a stepper motor to work I should do the following:

Pin 3 and 11 is set to HIGH (PWM-A and PWM-B) to turn ON power. Pin 8 and 9 is set to LOW (Brake-A and Brake-B) Brakes OFF.

Now for having the stepper move in one direction I use pin 12 and pin 13 for the opposite direction by changing the output value from 0 to 255?

Is this correct?

Hey sorry not an answer to your question but maybe you can help me out...

i have this -> an arduino uno r3 and a motorshield r3...

it's a 12V motor, how would i connect it? i can't figure out which wire is which...