Arduino Mouse.mouve function

Hello all of you,
I'm working on a project on arduino and I want to control computer cursor with arduino.
I came up with Mouse.move function but it isn't exactly what I want. On mouse.move function if I put (2,2) as x and y values cursor will move 2 pixels on x and 2 pixels on y forever . So I wonder if there is a functionthat if I put for example (300,400) as x and y values then cursor will go on this position of screen.
(Lets say that (0,0) is the center of screen.


No, a mouse doesn't know anything about the position of the cursor on the screen. It only tells the computer that the mouse moves this way or that. If you want to know the position of the cursor on the screen then you'll need some program running on the computer that can send that information to the Arduino.

A normal mouse does relative positioning. To do what you want you need absolute positioning. Here is a post that talks about how to make the change: