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Im new for adruino.In my project im using LVDT and linear actuator.Depends upon lvdt movement i will pulse through pwm to Linear actuator.Here i wanna use move block to store value to do comparator operation.So that 1msec once i will compare the lvdt movement.if lvdt value will increase then i will give forward direction command with pulse.and if lvdt value will decrease then i will give reverse direction command with pulse .Please help to solve this by using of arduino .

What type of output does the LVDT provide ?

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Can you post specs for the LVDT and the actuator please?

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dear sir
thanks for your response.our lvdt specification(0-100)mm and it will give (0-10)v dc output.and our actuator will work with 12vdc and stroke will be 0-100mm.
in between actuator and arduino we are using bidirectional controller .we have tested actuator with pwm output .its working perfectly.
our requirement is lvdt value will go (0-100)mm means pwm will give (255-0) and its working fine.
main thing is lvdt value will be incremental position means actuator should operate in forward direction and suddenly lvdt value go decrement position means actuator will go in reverse direction.kindly give your guidance to solve this

MD20A-Datasheet.pdf (1.16 MB)