Arduino mp3 playback with remote

Hey there, thinking about making a smart room, as I call it :slight_smile: with adruino, going to renovate my room, make a new ceiling, and want to put speackers in it. But Im a bit stuck, all this is quite new to me, and I cant seem to understand what board do I have to buy to make this work. I want to be able to play music from diffrent folders of an sd card from a remote control, So far ive picked up this kit :

board -
remote -
relay -, just to play with the lighting and probably figure out how to boot up a pc from a remote, and practise.
jumper cables - male to female
jumper cables - male to male
sd card module - still thinking if i need it or not ?

First off, as I figure this all out, I want to use a remote for music playback, and when Im a bit more experienced, Ill try out the “easyVR shield” or similar, more suitable ? for voice commands. But I still dont get how do I make the adruino > speakers connection ? Would appreciate any help. Also I see there are screw holes on every board, but I dont see a screw on board for sale anywhere, to make the whole project look good, locked in some kind of box where everything is neat and tidy, I saw enclosure boxes for the main board, but what about the relays shields sensor etc ? Would love to see a link on smth like that too. Thank you. Also if theres something wrong/missing from my set up, please do tell :slight_smile:

Just thought about this, maybe its possible to hack an mp3 player, that already has a storage device, and an audio output for the speackers, well anyways that seems a bit too advanced for me at this point hehe

Arduino can control MP3 players like these or Need an amplifier, stereo system etc. to actually drive speakers.


Thanks for the links, but the 2nd and 3rd one are too expensive. Instead Ive just found these : or

They seem to be compatible with arduino, and the 1st one is 20$ which isnt that bad. The speakers would have a separate power supply and amplifier, so thats no problem, the question is about the arduino > mp3 signal > speakers. Anyway thanks for the intrest.


Either youre trolling or gave a diffrent link ?

Me? I supplied several links to give choices. I have several of the MDFly players, only connected 1 so far and it was easy to make it play songs with powered computer speakers.

There was a post from Szigeti, dunno where it is now, your post was usefull, thank you, what do you think about my setup ? should i get something else or this package will be fine for starting up with arduino ?

Sainsmart, might be okay, seen many posts with complaints. Remote - hopefully it ships with some details about what the receiver outputs. Relay card - should be okay. Sd card - appears to use resistor voltage dividers for 5V to 3.3V conversion, has shown to be problematic for high speed cards and made worse by poor wiring.

Thank you for your opinion, decided not to take the sd card module yet, Il play around with the other stuff, and get to know the arduino a bit, then ill think about getting more involved in it. Hope everything will work just fine though. Btw you wouldnt have some start up guide for arduino, saw alot of them in pdf online, but whch one is best I have no way of knowing.

No guide per se. There is the Learning section of the forum. My wife & I have a book coming out in two weeks:
“Arduino for Teens”
Available in a couple places, don’t know where else publisher distributes it.

good for you, should check it out