Arduino+MPR121+MP3 Shield

Hi, my name is Constanza, I'm new here and for a design project I have to do a code mixing Arduino+MPR121+MP3 Shield, I try to find some example but i couldn't find in the web.

Anyone has one idea of how to do the code to do something similar than this video.

I'll be waiting your answers Thank you so much!

I am fairly new as well, generally any hardware used with an arduino is well supported with a library of functions which will also usually contain example sketches to get us going with the new toy. SO track down the libraries supporting your hardware install them into the arduino ide (copy into the librarys folder and restart the ide) And you will probably find an example sketch for your hardware within the examples menu.

this is great as it gives you a shoe in on how it works, and copying the example and modifying it step by step into something useful to your project allows you to test your progress as you go,

Start with this..

mpr121 hookup guide for creating your buttons,

and have fun..