Arduino - MQTT - Software - Best methods?

Good morning all,

I am in need of connecting an Arduino to a cluster of RPIs which are communicating via MQTT over ethernet.

I need to add one or more Arduinos to that mini-network and I would like them to communicate via MQTT. I spent some time searching this forum and didn't see any solutions that fit my situation well, so I am asking.

I see there are Arduino-Ethernet modules, but that seems to be out of production (?) so I wasn't sure about that. Then I saw a couple of shields that could connect but through WiFi. I am really hoping to stick with CAT5 cable for the ethernet connection. Is there a shield that works with Ethernet/CAT5?

The broker (Mosquitto) is running on one of the RPIs and the other PIs seem happy to communicate with each other. The PIs use the paho-client software and that works good too.

From the little I have seen with the Arduinos - the software appears to be more complex, but I have to assume it isn't any different than what is used on the PIs.

If anyone has a great tutorial (for dummies) or knows of one, please point that out to me.

Thanks much,

Chris D

Ethernet 2 Shield is OK.


Thanks for that info, I will investigate it to see what I can learn.


Chris D