Arduino multi-antenna

Hello everyone.
Apologies in advance for my bad level in English.

I'm looking for a way to use 3 wifi antennas on an Arduino Uno to create a bot following a mobile station emitting a continous signal.
I want to triangulate the station's position by mesuring the power on each antenna and tell the bot wich direction to go.

Is it possible to use the analog pin to mesure the signal's power without using the Tx and Rx pins ?

That is not possible with an Arduino Uno,
and probably very hard, even with dedicated hardware.

Isn't it possible to just detect one signal only by using analog/digital pins ?

If I'm right, the wifi is a digital signal. So we could detect the impulses from it on differents pins and compare the input we get. If the signal's emitter is futher of antenna A than antenna B, we should see stronger pulse on B than on the A.

The 'signals' coming from a WiFi antenna are far to small\weak to be measured by an Arduino input pin.

Then is it possible with a signal on a lower frequency ? If I use an 490Hz emmeter I should be able to listen it on my pins.

You will not believe me, but you can forget any localization by radio emission (done from an UNO).
It is too slow, not sensitive enough, and has not enough resolution.

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