Arduino Multimeter?

Hey everyone, I was just wondering, is there anyway to use my Arduino as a multimeter? If yes, what parts would be required?

Sure is, what functions of a multimeter do you wish? DC voltage, AC voltage, current? Resistance?

About the only parts for those is resistors of various sizes, depending on the range you wish to measure.

A simple volt meter would use a voltage divider with inputs to the 10 bit ADC.

Practical for building a full function multimeter? Naw, not at all when you can buy a cheap meter for $10 that will do the trick, and a nice one for $20 or so.

But, it's fun to play with. Again, what functions and what ranges are you looking at to play with?

Ken H.

This is the Miltimeter using Atmega128 call MegaMeter

Hey Bill - that is a NICE setup there.... I especially like the 0 -30 volt autoranging function.

Ken H>